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Monday, March 7, 2011

This i remember

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Verse: There use to be a father talking to a son
           and he would say " boy, don't give up on life
           because life will never be a fairytale
           as there are days there would be nights
           keep on walking down this lonesome road"

Pre Cho: and you will find, yes you will find..
               it's getting closer everyday
               yeah you will find, oh you will find..
               her watching over you all the time..

Cho:       This time i will say, your love and your grace
               will live on forever in me
                this time i will pray,  those moments we shed
                 i would if i could relive them again

                your laughter, your smile
                they're priceless
                it feels like a dream, when we look back
                but i'm stuck here without you

Verse:      i'm seeing this endless suffering and pain
                all i know is that i'm closer to the end since it all began
                i must move on
                i wonder if we'll be allright
                will i past this wall before it collaspe

Pre Cho:  but i will find, i'll try to find
                the peace within me that keeps me sane.
                and i will try, yeah i will try
                i'll have to be home at the end of the day

Cho:        This time i will say, your love and your grace
                will live on forever in me
                this time i will pray,  those moments we shed
                i would if i could relive them again

                your laughter, your smile
                they're priceless
                it feels like a dream, when we look back
                but i'm stuck here without you

~weird shit~ *Quote from the xubnormal*

Friday, February 26, 2010

You build ten roads, but do they call you Connor the road-builder? No. You sire six sons but do they call you Connor the child-rearer? No. You fuck one goat...

^j^it's raining^j^

Friday, February 12, 2010

woo.. everyone's talkin about love, love, love.. very depressing.. :S isn't love meant to make everyone happy?.. actually yeah.. it is.. and i have none.. keep telling myself it's ok.. but i guess it's not.. sigh..

The last cry

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Day One. It began to rain. And so in my head, thoughts drew me closer to the past.

"hi, how are you?" she asked.
"I love you," he said.
"I like you too," she said smiling, and together they laughed.
There was this summer, a cursed one.
Then one day came, but not the one that he was waiting for. She said, "we're better off alone," and he cried. But not together.
"what next?" he asked, "i miss you" he said, faking a smile.

The first time he saw her, he noticed her hair. Now the last time he saw her, he stares at her hair when she walked away from him.
He wanted to be loved. He got betrayed.
He wanted answers. He's left with only questions.
He wanted freedom. But instead he's captured.
He wanted joy. He found only tears.

Meanwhile, on a small farm with goats and dogs, a little girl is growing up.

Good luck little girl.

Time out of mind (Part 2)

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Dizzy and exhausted, walking and wondering for the past two days, definitely tire my life out. "Maxie was right, without them i'm nothing but a stray" i said it to myself. Which i do a lot because sometimes, life can be boring and as Maxie said this to me once "you are the best friend you'll ever get".

Maxie is an unbelievably old German, who knows everything what life has to offer for our kind. He wasn't exactly German because he was born here, but people do keep calling him and i guess, so be it. He was my neighbor, at least before i fell off the car and now i'm lost.

"Where the hell am i? " i bark it out loud. This city is so freakin' huge! I know I've always wanted an adventure but this is too much!

Walking down the streets under the moon light could make you go loco. But I couldn't help it because of the traffic during the day. It makes me so nervous. So i decided to rest when the normal world operates, and come out when everything's nice and quiet. Oh did i mentioned scary?

It's crazy walking alone at night, you know that someone's following you, but everytime that you turn around to check it, there's no one. You also notice every little noises that you never got to hear when you're surrounded by four walls and a roof.

Suddenly i hear some footsteps and some heavy breathings, a figure is running towards my direction. I panic! People shouldn't be running around at this time. "Is this person trying catch me? " I tried to hide but obviously it's too late. As he approach me, I saw a man's face.
And there were tears.

In this sucky world~

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

I've been listenin to some songs, which definitely inspired me to write some songs.. but u noe me (if u don't then read ahead) i can't write for shit :S, i can't write even if my life depends on it, that's the painful truth. Will i get better? Will i have a longer hair? Will i ever have six pack? Would this world be a better place? who cares..

Time out of mind (Part 1)

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The night's still young. He wakes up, suddenly he could hear his own voice even though he can't recall himself talking.The thoughts come back rushing into his head, the burning memories, the painful past.

His world turns upside down, inside out. It feels like a red cloud of blazing fire, burning in his chest.
One minute he was so peaceful and the minute he woke up, chaos in his heart. It doesn't feel like he has a reason to live anymore.

"It is going to be ok " he try to convince himself. Even though he really is trying to run away from the reality. "Its just a phase, everything's gonna be the way it was"

He feel his heart throbbing so hard that its almost as if it has it's own set of mind, trying to break free from the immense pain that he's in. He take a glance at the alarm clock. It just a few minutes past 2, not even three hours since he went to bed.

The next thing he found himself doing is puting on a jumper and trackpants. Without any delays, he slam the front door shut, start jogging down the hill.
Every thought of his wasn't his own, flash-backs and memories, that he so cherish were in his head, all at once. The cold wind brushes on his face, but the fire in him overwhelmed his senses.
"if i make it through tonight, I'd be alright" 


It seems that surrounding me at this very moment is nothing but a nothingness, while some people may be laughing, some crying, some cool dude would crack some jokes, which ain't funny but everyone would laugh coz he's cool .. I mean, just take a glance at the newspaper nowadays, or even on the TV.. what's making news?  and who do we look up to?? the corrupt celebrities. YES!  Finger licking celebrities.. They get all the attentions they want.. at least some of them do. Anyways, i should probably stop this unhealthy topic.. BUT This is not the end of it!!! this Bullshitting must go on and on!!!

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